Smoke & Fire Curtains

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BLE Smoke and Fire Curtains product range

Simple, effective and cost efficient. Draft and static smoke and fire curtains from BLE are invaluable for protecting large open buildings from the threat of fire, smoke and hot gases. 

Automatic fire curtains are discreet in design and are suitable for use in a multitude of fire scenarios which are explained in detail by clicking the menu to the left to see how our products are applied in each of these applications.

Automatic smoke curtains are manufactured to provide an unobtrusive and aesthetically neutral solution to compartmentation issues throughout the most complex of buildings. We are able to create bespoke smoke curtains for even the most complex smoke control system, regardless of what type of building it is protecting or where in the world it is to be installed.

Control systems for our BLE automatic fire curtains are designed to be robust and as simple as possible to provide minimum maintenance requirements while providing for optional features such as retract buttons, obstruction sensors and audio visual warnings.

BLE videoThe origins of BLE Smoke and Fire Curtains stretch back over 30 years with an unrivalled reputation. Over those past few decades there has been an ever evolving importance in the consideration for the safety of people within building designs, but the solutions today are still discreet, robust and simple to operate and maintain. The products may be more sophisticated now but the fundamental principles of smoke and fire control are the same through to this day.


Insulating Zone
SC1   DH120/DH60  NA  NA  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
FC1  60  0  0  Yes  Yes  Yes  NA
FC2  240  20  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  NA
FC3  120  90  Yes  Yes  Yes  NA  NA
FC4 120 120 Yes Yes Yes NA NA