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New Cutting Machinery Set to Further Boost Productivity | BLE Invests in New Bandsaw

This April BLE Smoke & Fire Curtains invested in a brand new Bomar Semi-Automatic Two Way Mitre Bandsaw.

Prior to the investment, all cutting was done using manual equipment. As well as being time consuming, this also generated lots of noise in the factory – creating potential health & safety issues. Supplied by Prosaw, the new bandsaw has dramatically reduced both the time required and noise generated by the cutting process, whilst also improving consistency.

Speaking of the investment, Managing Director Nigel Ward has said, “Now this process has been fully automated, cutting is much safer for our production team. We’re also benefitting from improved accuracy thanks to the Bomar’s automatic measuring features”.

In addition to this, the new bandsaw has reduced the amount of factory floor space required for cutting, helping to streamline the production process. Nigel continues, “This investment represents a continuation of our efforts to boost productivity. Our previous investment in automatic bending and punching equipment has already provided us with significant increases in efficiency and we hope our new bandsaw will achieve equally impressive results”.