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BLE Dresses Down For Charity - Feb 02

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Product Changes 2018 - Jan 04

A new year is now upon us and we're delighted to announce that we are making som ... read more

The Leading Edge in Smoke & Fire Containment

At BLE we are continually striving to improve the safety of your world. In the event of a fire, our gravity fail-safe curtains automatically deploy to contain smoke & fire. This slows down how quickly it can spread across a building, crucially allowing more time for safe emergency evacuation.

As a market leading global supplier, we protect millions of people every day. Our cost effective solutions are rigorously tested and manufactured to the highest technical and quality standards, including BS, EN and UL.


BLE Smoke & Fire Curtains - Mar 16

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BLE Smoke & Fire Curtains - Mar 15

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BLE Smoke & Fire Curtains - Mar 15

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BLE Smoke & Fire Curtains - Mar 15

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